At the Centenary celebration of Kaziranga and Manas National Park in 2005, it was decided to reintroduce Rhinos to areas where it had been exterminated as per a multi-stakeholder plan which is popularly known as IRV 2020 (India Rhino Vision-2020).            

The Indian Rhino Vision 2020 as conceived is a joint conservation initiative of the Assam Forest Department, WWF India and International Rhino Foundation, supported by the Bodoland Territorial Council, United States Fish and Wildlife Service, Wildlife Areas Welfare and Development Trust and other partner organizations. Under this programme, wild-to-wild translocation of rhinos to Manas from two other rhino bearing protected areas in Assam was initiated in 2008 with 2 rhinos.

Plan Objectives:-

            The main objective of this plan is to maintain a viable population of Rhinos in Manas landscape by maintaining a harmonious relation with indigenous people without causing any damage to the PA resources. They can be broadly described as follows:-

  • To conserve Great one horned Rhino as the flagship species in Manas by managing habitat and other ecological attributes for the propagation of prey species in a balanced ecosystem.
  • To strengthen anti-poaching strategies and capacity building for forest frontline staff and developing an intelligence network.
  • To assess and summarize the conservation activities including research and monitoring aspects, community engagement etc since rhino reintroduction in Manas in 2008, and provide a road map for the next ten years.