The Manas National Park which is the core area of Manas Tiger Reserve stretches over a length of 43 kms from west to east and 13 kms (on average) from north to south. The total area of the core area is 500 km2.

The total area of Manas National Park is of 500 sq. km. The break up of area is given below:

Area of Manas National Park:-

StatusArea in Sq. Km.
Manas Wildlife Sanctuary391.00
Panbari Reserve Forest16.30
Kokilabari Reserve Forest15.11
Kahitema Reserve Forest77.59

                   All of the above Wildlife Sanctuary & Reserve forests areas are declared as Manas National Park vide Govt. notification no. FRW.55/86/64, dated 7th September, 1990. The boundary of Manas NP is clearly distinguish with the Manas River to the north demarcate the international border with Bhutan, to the south by thickly populated villages and to the east and west by the forest reserves.

Landscape of Manas National Park