The Manas Tiger Reserve is located in the foothills of the Bhutan Himalayas in four districts of Bodoland Territorial Council, Assam, India.

            As per Govt. notification No. FRW. 25/2008/36 dated 30.05.2008, the boundary description of Manas Tiger Reserve extends from the point where the Sankosh river cuts the Indo-Bhutan International Boundary, eastwards to the point where the tri radiate pillar indicates the Assam, Bhutan and the Arunachal Boundaries and from that point eastward and then westwards along the southern boundaries.

Location map of Manas Tiger Reserve (core and buffer area)

An adult tiger walks past river bank in search of water in Manas Tiger Reserve

The core and buffer area of the MTR are as follows :

Manas National Park 500.00 Sq. km
Barnadi Wildlife Sanctuary 26.22 Sq. km
Reserved Forests 2310.88 Sq. km
Total areas 2837.10 Sq. km
Core Area 526.22 Sq. km
Buffer Area 2310.88 Sq. km
Total 2837.10  Sq. km.

The details on the various forest blocks and administrative details are as below:-

Forest blocks under Manas Tiger Reserve

Sl. No. Forest Division Forest Block Area (Km2)
1 FDTP, Manas Manas National Park          500.00
2 Dhansiri Division Barnadi WLS            26.22
3 Kachugaon Division Ripu RF          605.27
4 Kachugaon Division Kachugaon RF          214.45
5 Kachugaon Division Chirang RF          592.54
6 Haltugaon Division Bengtol RF (Part 1)            10.71
7 Haltugaon Division Bengtol RF (Part 2)            60.92
8 Chirang Division Manas RF          530.45
9 Chirang Division Kuklung RF            14.69
10 Baksa Division Daodhara RF            17.48
11 Baksa Division Batabari RF            21.63
12 Baksa Division Subankhata RF            23.37
13 Baksa Division Morapagladia RF            21.05
14 Baksa Division Darranga RF            23.58
15 Baksa Division Sukanjuli RF            13.15
16 Baksa Division Lebra PRF              3.65
17 Baksa Division Dihira PRF              6.16
18 Dhansiri Division Khalingduar RF            70.33
19 Dhansiri Division Kherkhari PRF              6.00
20 Dhansiri Division Kundar beel PRF              9.93
21 Dhansiri Division Bhairabkunda PRF            35.43
22 Dhansiri Division Bhairabkunda RF            24.41
23 Dhansiri Division Newlee PRF              5.68
TOTAL AREA        2837.10
Leopard in Manas Tiger Reserve