The biodiversity and the outstanding scenic beauty of the Manas National Park, particularly at Mathanguri, where the river Manas enters the Park from the Bhutan Hills displaying a picturesque view with the backdrop of tree-covered hills and gradual slopes from the foothill of Bhutan to the plains of Assam on the right bank of river attracts people from far and wide.

Wildlife tourism in Manas is a semblance of conservation education and entertainment with the active participation of local people. The underlying principle is that the tourism should be ecologically and socio-culturally sustainable.

Wildlife and nature tourism:- The richness and grandeur of Manas National Park attract tourists from all over the world mainly for nature and wildlife tourism. The main tourist attracting sites inside Manas NP are Mathanguri, Doimari, Kuribeel, Uchila, Gabharukunda, Makhibaha, Kokilabari etc.