Categories of Biodiversity values as a World Heritage Site
Sl. No. Values Illustrative constituents
1 Global World Heritage Site. Criteria Natural-N (ii), (iii), (iv) – 1985.
2 National Endemic & endangered fauna: Pygmy hog, Golden langur, Hispid hare, Bengal florican and Tiger. Flora: Curcomorpha longiflora, Echinocarpus assamicus, Paspalum longifolium var. lorirhachis, Parakaempferia synantha.
3 Regional Asiatic water buffalo, Asiatic Elephant, Dhole.
4 State Manas river, semi-evergreen forest, and terai grassland. 
5 Local Fuelwood, livestock grazing, NTFP collection, medicinal plant and water for irrigation and drinking.

 Categories of Socio-cultural values as a Manas Biosphere Reserve  

Sl. No. Value categories Illustrative Constituents
1 Real/ Economic ·It produces timber, fuelwood and non-timber forests produce for local people.

·It provides fodder for domestic livestock.

·It provides water for irrigation

·It generates man-days for local people.

2 Biological ·It is located in the confluence of 3-major Bio-geographic Zones viz. Lower Gangetic plains (7B), Central Himalayas (2C) and Brahmaputra valley (8A).

·It provides shelter to many endangered, threatened and rare species of animals like tiger, Asian elephant, pygmy hog, golden langur, hispid hare, Assam roofed turtle, Bengal florican, white-bellied heron, great pied hornbill, etc.

·It is a significant habitat for long-ranging species (Elephant, Tiger, and Gaur) and provides habitat connectivity.

3 Ecological processes and functions ·Catchment conservation of several major rivers (Beki, Pahumara, Pata, Burisuti, and Basra) for downstream habitations and irrigation which sustain economic well being of the region.

·Ecological security and environmental amelioration (pollution absorption) for the region.

·It acts as a carbon sink of the region.

4 Conceptual ·It represents several elements of the eastern Himalayan biodiversity hotspot.
5 Scientific ·Significant scope of Wildlife research and education.

·It has socio-economic issues, ethnic diversity, and many endangered and endemic species. Thus, it provides an excellent opportunity to Scientists for improving understanding of the biological world.   

6 Physical attributes ·It represents the fragile Shiwalik and Himalayan landscape and rock features.

·It represents physical attributes of bhabar and terai eco-system.

7 Recreational ·Potential for eco-tourism, aesthetic value, wilderness experience, closed canopy and dense old forest, bird watching. The scenic beauty of beki river near Mathanguri.
8 Educational ·Significant scope for Nature interpretation and conservation awareness.
9 Religious



·Sacred rock carved of Bathao religion.

·Rack age sign of Gauripur king attacked Manas TR and spiritual sites.

·Bodo, Assamese and Tea tribe culture.